Your CV - Your opportunity to impress

CV’s are the first impression we give of ourselves when we apply for positions and we all know first impressions last!

Herewith a few tips to remember when you are creating your CV:

  • Add contact details, a contact number, alternative number, and your email address
  • Only use your date of birth and not your full ID number for personal protection
  • Add a photo – keep it friendly, no need for a professional photo – front face is perfect (remember no pouting)
  • Keep your CV neat, tidy, and structured
  • Include all details in your CV and from there custom build your CV for each position you are applying for
  • Avoid spelling errors – use spellcheck (we all do!)
  • Employment history – start with your most recent employment and work backwards – remember to include the month and year you started working for an employer and the month and year that you have left – include the reason for leaving

    Feel free to download the CV template below!


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